Teaching English in Thailand: A Practical System

  • Are you a teacher looking to enhance your career with an exciting new opportunity in paradise?
  • Are you a recent graduate looking for an adventure before settling into a career at home?
  • Maybe you’re looking for a switch and are thinking about trading in your day job for a teaching gig in the exotic land of smiles – Thailand!
Bankok Phil

"I would say every important and essential aspect of teaching in Thailand is covered in this book. There are sections on classroom management, the best cities to look for work, writing tests and exams, choosing activities, using technology in the classroom and lesson planning.

This is the book I would have loved when I first began my career as a TEFLer in Thailand. It's sure to be a very wise investment for any newbie."

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Whatever your position, Teaching in Thailand: A Practical System will tell you everything you need to know before making the leap…it’s the only book of its kind out there.

No other available resource tells you the honest truth about teaching English in Thailand, from the challenges you’ll face to how to achieve success in a highly competitive field.

The author has lived in Thailand for seven years, and writes completely from first hand experience and interviews with other teachers. There is no other book that gives such a detailed firsthand account of the teaching system in Thailand, from how to land a job to how to deal with administration to how to make the most out of your time in the country. Go in depth with chapters on how to relate to students and simplify concepts, and learn how to be a more effective and fun teacher.

Teaching English in Thailand: A Practical System, will make beginning English teachers immediately more confident and efficient, and will even provide little known tips and tricks for teaching veterans. Most people take a year or two to learn the ropes, which can be frustrating and isn’t very lucrative.

Skip that step and jump right into teaching success

With this book under your belt you’ll learn…

  • How to choose a school that’s right for you
  • How to find a legitimate job quickly
  • How to interact with Thai students, staff, and administration, as well as foreign staff
  • How to manage a Thai classroom
  • What you know from a TEFL course
  • Tons of new games and activities to use in your Thai classroom
  • How to see through the eyes of your Thai students to best help them learn
  • How to make effective lesson plans, worksheets, and tests
  • How to simplify difficult teaching topics
  • How to teach speaking, listening, reading, and writing to any type of student
  • How to teach English in a fun and confident way

When people think about teaching English in Thailand they usually envision a fun and dynamic teaching environment where they can make a difference in people’s lives while making money, living cheaply, and cultivating a group of fun and diverse friends from around the world who they can travel with on weekends. All of this and more can be true, and is for hundreds of English teachers currently living in Thailand, but what no one tells you is that in the beginning this couldn’t be further from the truth!

English teaching is a cutthroat business until you’re in. With limited jobs that actually pay well, and a highly competitive environment, most English teachers are looking out for themselves and are unwilling to share their secrets if they’ve found success.

If you don’t buy this book, chances are you will…

  • Struggle in the beginning to make friends and feel comfortable in your new role
  • Have a hard time finding a position that you feel is a good fit for you
  • Find yourself feeling lost in the classroom
  • Come home stressed more often than not
  • Feel frustrated instead of fulfilled
  • Find yourself complaining often
  • Fall victim to trial and error, while everyone else seems to have it figured out
  • Not realize that there’s an easier way, found through the shortcuts in this book
  • Never fully realize how to reach your students and truly benefit them
  • Give boring, uninspired lessons
  • Become homesick
  • Be overwhelmed by a feeling of hopelessness, possibly causing you to eventually decide that teaching English as a foreign language in Thailand is not for you and eventually moving home with a negative outlook

You might think that you’ve read plenty of books like this. Memoirs glamorizing the expat life as a teacher in Thailand, with tales about basking on the stunning Thai islands or books full of travel recommendations, cost of living guides, and other boring information that isn’t going to help you improve as a teacher. And you’re right—you have read plenty of books like that.

But this is not one of those books…

This is not a personal memoir or a travel guide, and it doesn’t sugarcoat. This is a how-to book that will actually help you by providing practical, firsthand knowledge of the EFL industry in Thailand. This is a book that will allow you to succeed and further your career.

Teaching English in Thailand: A Practical System is an on the ground look at how the teaching system works in Thailand, as well as a great perspective for those looking to teach English anywhere in the world. The lessons learned in Teaching in Thailand: A Practical System, can be used no matter where your teaching takes you, from Asia to Europe to South America. Tips on making lesson plans, how to manage your classroom, and innovative teaching techniques are useful skills anywhere in the world.

Now that you’ve decided to make the jump and move across the world for a job as an English teacher, take the time to prepare yourself as best you can. Teaching English in Thailand: A Practical System, is a fantastic base before you set out. You’ll have questions you didn’t even know you had answered, and arrive in the country better prepared than most. You want your time in Thailand to be a successful, fun, and rewarding experience.

Purchase this book today to make the transition as smooth as possible, wow your peers, and improve your students’ learning. Even if you’ve already been teaching, the book can motivate you to find an even better position or step up your lessons. There’s always room for improvement in teaching, and this could be the kick-start you need to reboot your excitement for your role.

Teaching in Thailand is a fantastic experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life, as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Eliminate surprises and enhance your career and life with firsthand advice. Purchase Teaching in Thailand: A Practical System today.


"Davis and I were colleagues in Thailand before so I felt like I was reading something I wrote myself. I have to be honest, I was a bit wary about this book at first, regardless of the fact that I know him personally. It's just that I, being the pessimist that I am, assumed that I knew everything there was to know about teaching here. I've been a teacher in Thailand for ten years now, and all the books I've seen have been mostly for beginners or are just full of useless crap. There are some great websites out there, but this book truly is a system and will be of good use to anyone teaching in Thailand, from beginners to the wrung and withered like myself. I hate to say it, but I actually learned a few things. Bravo!"


"Davis and I took a TEFL course together. I am not surprised by the quality of this book. Davis was the most hard working and determined person on that course, and I say that with conviction. The classroom management section is brilliant. He delivers exactly what is described. I’m a non-native speaker and I feel like this is giving me a very practical look at how to increase my teaching potential. I loved all the games. Some of those were really creative. It's worth reading just for that section alone. Makes me want to get back into teaching in Thailand and do it the right way."


"A mutual friend of Davis and I told me that I should contact Davis since I was thinking about teaching English overseas. It had crossed my mind before so I decided to shoot him a message on Facebook and ask what it was like. I was surprised by his response, being that I was just a friend of a friend. He told me specifically what I should do in thorough steps. He’s really a genuine guy! I am planning on moving to Thailand soon, and I am blessed to have landed my hands on this! I recommend this to anyone who is thinking about teaching English in Thailand. It's all about teaching in Thailand. There's no fluff. It's really one of a kind!"


"Davis interviewed me six months ago. He shared some of his ideas with me for the book and I contributed some of my own. After having a look at the final work, I can without a doubt say this is the most comprehensive guide out there for a teacher in Thailand. If I were just starting out and looking for an EFL framework to scaffold the learning process in Thailand, this would be my main reference. There are some sound techniques presented here that will prove applicable in most teaching environments. I’m very impressed and applaud Davis for taking the time to compile something of such a worthy, and much needed, academic stature."


"Davis called me to talk to me about the differences between teaching English in Thailand and Korea. I am currently teaching EFL in Korea and decided to read this book because I imagined that a lot of the material overlapped with Korean schools. I was surprised at how informative this was for me, since I only had a short stint in Thailand. There are a lot of solid tips in here about teaching EFL properly. I can without a doubt say that this would have improved my overall performance as a teacher there."


"My boyfriend is friends with Davis and hooked a girl up with a free copy! Go me! All I can say is wow! Thank you so much for this! I was really hesitant and worried about teaching English in Thailand because I have zero experience teaching. I just finished university and I am excited to go and experience another culture! I'm really passionate about teaching children and I think this book will help me connect with them more. I've felt cheated by a lot of books out there related to Thailand, and also felt that many of them were geared towards men only. I feel like Davis really cares about his audience. He told me everything I need to know! Yay! I can't wait to go to Thailand. I'm ready and I can do this!"


"Davis is my classmate stateside and he sent me a copy of the book. I am considering moving to Thailand to teach at an international school. I taught in Spain for a year, but I never actually took the time to research about teaching EFL. I was making a lot of mistakes and it's going to be nice to start fresh in Thailand. I feel like this book has given me an advantage. I'm convinced.


"I’m getting my PGCE in England at the moment and shortly I will be moving to Japan to give EFL another go. Davis and I taught together at a bilingual school. We had good fun bouncing ideas off of each other. I have a hunch that some of this will carry over in Japan. It’s rather thorough and speaks for the EFL community as a whole, but with a Thailand twist. To be honest, it makes me miss Thailand dearly! I spent a lot of time complaining mostly, as Davis can attest. I always wondered why his classes were so quiet and I was losing my voice. Well done, mate!"


"Davis always told me my classes were fun and that he was stealing my ideas. He wanted me to review the book and add a few games of my own. I had a look and thought to myself, “Does he really know this many games?” I only use about five games and I was surprised at some of the ones he came up with on his own. The bits about Thai students, staff, and coordinators is spot on. It really makes a difference if you have the right attitude about this stuff, and Davis is giving you and inside look. Trust me."


"When I first started teaching in Bangkok I didn’t have a clue where to start. The school seemed so crazy! I thought I wouldn’t last the first day. Davis came to my rescue and gave me a time-table, showed me around the school, and gave me the rundown on the school and what was expected of me. He helped me out a lot in the beginning. It was really chaotic and I can’t believe how disorganized everything was! He was like the ‘father figure’ in the office, as weird as that sounds. He was always informing everyone of what was going on. I remember him telling me a lot of this stuff that he wrote. It’s like a refresher course!"


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  • About me, my book, and the allure of Thailand
  • Before you get started: a things TO HAVE, things TO GET, and thing TO DO checklist
  • Choosing a school: types of schools in Thailand
  • Determining documents and delivering decisions: how to write a TEFL resume and 15 key interview questions
  • Every day is an adventure: a typical day for an English teacher in Thailand
  • Finding common ground: Thai students, Thai administration, Thai staff and foreign staff
  • Getting your questions out of the way: FAQ
  • Highly effective classroom management: Controlling your class
  • Inside the mind of a Thai learner of English: English Thais struggle with and some funny Thai versions of English
  • Just TEFL: A TEFL teacher’s guide and a crash course in TEFL
  • Knowing the three basic types of lesson plans and examples of each: individual plans, semester plans, and one to one plans
  • Learning how to make exams and worksheets with examples
  • Making verb tense easy for Thai learners
  • New generation: Teaching English with movies, TV shows, and music
  • Open your mouth and speak: How to teach pronunciation
  • Put your eyes on the page: How to teach reading
  • Quests of writing: some activities for teaching writing
  • Ready your ears: some ways to teach listening
  • Sounds like communication: how to teach conversation
  • The best games and activities for all age levels
  • Understanding the underlying unfortunate state of Thai education
  • Ventures in part-time work for EFL teachers in Thailand
  • What is with all the Anglo arrogance?
  • X marks the spot: Best cities to teach in Thailand
  • You have reached the end, my friend! Do I regret my decision to come here? Final thoughts
  • Zenith: A list of resources for EFL teachers in Thailand

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